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Its Time To Really Talk About The Dangers Of Coffee

We know you don't want to face the facts about the harshness of your favorite morning beverage, but its time.

The negative effects of coffee on the human body outweigh the positive by six miles. This may be news to some, but most of us have just been denying the fact that we can't do whatever we want to our bodies forever. Its finally time to put down the dirty bath water of drinks and provide our own energy from within for the day. Memes are a big part to blame on the recent popularity of coffee among millennials and the gen x crowd. These along with flavors such as pumpkin spice and vanilla are turning these once bland and bitter toxic drinks into sweet and yummy toxic drinks. If the truths of the deadly bean aren't provided to the masses soon, we may have a self administered genocide brought on by our own ignorance. Watch the video and spread the news, it can only help.

- Bill Pantsplitter

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