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Born into a family of rednecks and comedians, Billus5k has spent his whole life making people laugh, but never understanding why(because of the redneck half), so he clung to comedy and rap music fusing the two into an entertaining show for all.  Billus5k is an American comedic parody rapper. With his undeniable influences from Weird Al to Lil Jon, his live show is sure to keep audiences entertained for the duration. He has been called "the Chris Farley of the rap game", and crowd laughter confirms this report. The video for his hit song "I Eat All Yo Brefass" can be seen at the link above.
You can download all of billus5k's songs FREE! You can also follow Billus5k on Instagram, snapchat, and Facebook @billus5k.


Gog is but a humble actor/writer/director/artist/designer/audio-engineer/producer/beat-architect/wordsmith/cat-mother/thinker/humanitarian/foodie/sooth-sayer/model/multi-instrumentalist/scorpio/highly-functioning-alcoholic. He has accomplished many things in his years on planet Earth. Most notably is photographing Rob Schneider at Dallas Fan Expo in 2016. He once wrote a song about a Blumpkin. Some people like it I guess.

Wooden Elbow

Wooden Elbow is a Comedy Duo with which the likes have never before been seen. Taking two brilliantly eccentric minds and melding them into one creative force, these boys will simultaneously make you laugh, cry, question the fiber of existence, and possibly fart with their live performances and internet content.

   Billus5k and Gog, as you may know them, met in Tuscany on the set of the Devil Wears Prada. Neither one of them were actually working on the project, nor were they particularly involved in it in any way. They just both happen to be huge fans of Meryl Streep, A.K.A. Streepers. It was that love for Ms. Streep that inevitably led to the formation of the comedy juggernaut that is Wooden Elbow! 

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